What’s Inside

There's a whole lot of goodness crammed inside our cans- let’s dive a little deeper into all the benefits of Füd....

First things first caffeine. Our blend of natural caffeine contains guarana, an ancient Amazonian berry prized for its energy boosting credentials and anti-oxidant properties. It's an excellent source of caffeine, and helps you to maintain focus and mental energy. Perfect for a hard study session, or as a pre-workout.

Next up, B-Vitamins. As well as promoting healthy skin and hair, Vitamin B5 helps the body maintain muscle function and a healthy digestive system as well as converting food into energy. B6 plays an important role in mood regulation, and helps the brain maintain mental performance. And finally, B12- an especially important one for Vegans to be taking, as it is not readily available in a plant-based diet. B12 helps with brain function and to boost energy levels.

And finally, Electrolytes. Electrolytes can help benefit the fitness-focused among us, by helping the body to replenish the water, electrolytes and energy lost throughout exercise when we sweat. If you've been hitting the Joe Wicks, or been sweating it out with some HIIT, Füd is a great way to refresh post-workout.